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As part of our strategic objective "Working together to end homelessness", the SHSN advocates for evidence-based policy and programs to end homelessness.  Our submissions provide evidence and useful solutions for ending homelessness in our region.  Click below to read the SHSN submissions.


Development of the National Housing and Homelessness Plan 2023

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Senate Inquiry into the Worsening Rental Crisis in Australia 2023

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Consultation on the Updated Minimum Standards for Rooming Houses in Victoria 2023

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 Victorian Rental Commissioners' Rooming House Lived Experience Project 2022

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Victorian Social Housing Regulation Review Interim Report 2022

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Federal Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness 2020

SHSN Projects

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Homelessness Data

Click below to access ABS homelessness data for the Southern Region and link to other useful data

SHSN 2022 survey infographic_edited_edit

2022 Advocacy Survey

Click below to read the Advocacy Survey Report


SHSN Forums

Click below to learn more about the regular SHSN forums


Consumer Participation

Click below to access the SHSN Consumer Participation Guide

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