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SHSN COVID Reflections & Learnings Forum: Looking Back - Looking Forward
November 2022

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Participant Feedback

Practitioners sharing their experiences during COVID time how each agency worked together to  came over all the hurdles to provide the best services  for clients

It was great, this was my first in-person meeting with external services since March 2019, so I found it all to be wonderful!

Everything was great, venue, speakers, length of the day, and it was very well organised and ran smoothly. 

Thank you. It was extremely valuable experience and opportunity to come together after COVID crisis and share the experiences.

Overall great day, great venue and it was the right time to discuss the last 2 years.

Networking, meeting new people from various different organisations, learning about organisations I hadn't heard of before; hearing sector experts share vital insights


SHSN Networking Forum and Expo - July 2019

Click here to read the Forum report 
Click here to read the presentation on

The Functional Zero approach to ending homelessness by George Hatvani, Launch Housing

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Participant Feedback

Loved the speeches, networking, actually all of it can't just pick one 

The Expo is great, particularly for new workers to the field, as it starts conversations leading to the asking of questions and gaining knowledge.

Really liked the evidence base functional zero approach and DHHS updates in terms of future directions

I will use the networks and contacts I've made to pool resources for clients to deliver better outcomes. I feel more confident in my practice knowing that I'm not alone and sharing the frustrations.

Very valuable expo and forum that I've attended in a while as it focused on Southern region so great networking and information sharing opportunities. The speed get to know you groups ... were really good, great ice breakers and I thought this helped also with the group sessions that people were networking even more so after forum

SHSN Rooming House Summit - April 2019


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Participant Feedback

Thanks for the opportunity to attend, it   was a well thought out structure with  relevant topics. 

Small group activities gave everyone the opportunity to discuss issues and  possible solutions. also good for  networking

The workshops were very inventive and  worthwhile... I often see extremely  valuable ideas put forward in summits  but are never brought to fruition. It would be vital that these ideas can  actually get rolled out.

Terrific to have networking opportunities. Always very valuable esp. in these times of huge sector change. Well done!!

Good Work, Keep asking the questions  and lets find the answers together

SHSN Networking Forum and Expo - July 2018

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Participant Feedback

It's always fantastic to hear new information and gather resources and hear what's happening out in the service sector. 

The various activities kept it interesting and engaging.  Was great to network with other agencies.

Good to have a forum to share frustrations and ideas.

Terrific to have networking opportunities. Always very valuable esp. in these times of huge sector change. Well done!!

I will be better resourced so I can resource my clients better

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