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At least 30,000 Victorians don’t have a home tonight (including 6,800 children).  ​They’re living in their car, staying somewhere temporary like a friend’s couch, in a shelter or refuge, living in severly over-crowded housing or have nowhere to go at all.   In a country as wealthy as Australia, no-one should be without a home.   The top 3 causes of homelessness are family violence, financial difficulties, and the housing crisis.

 We can end homelessness by building more homes. For most people, a home that they can afford would end their homelessness.

Join Our Campaign - Houses at Parliament

The Victorian Homelessness Network (VHN) wants to raise awareness about the urgent need for more social and public housing.  The campaign is calling for a pipeline of 6,000 new social (mainly public) housing dwellings per year and a national Plan to End Homelessness.

  • Click here for the campaign brochure including origami instructions

  • Click here to visit the Victorian Homelessness Network website for social media tiles and more info

  • Click here to send an email with a photo of your origami houses and the number of houses you have folded

  • Click here to watch/download the campaign video


Please share this with your colleagues and your friends and family.  Don't forget to post your photos on social media


Homelessness Week 6 -12 August 2023

Houses at Parliament 


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Click on the picture to download this document so you can print and use it for Homelessnessness Week 

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This forum was our first opportunity to come together in person and reflect on how the COVID pandemic affected the homelessness service system in the South.  A full report from the Forum is now available here 

COVID Reflections and Learnings
16 November 2022
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Homeless Memorial held 11 October, 2022
Following World Homeless Day on 10 October, the first Homeless Memorial in three years was held on 11 October.  The Homeless Memorial is ceremony that brings the community together to remember those people who have passed away whilst experiencing homelessness.  This was the 20th anniversary of the Homeless Memorial and it was an honour for the SHSN to take part in the Memorial.  


Port Phillip Zero on ABC News

The SHSN is supporting our member agencies in the Port Phillip Zero Project to end rough sleeping.  Watch this video from ABS News to learn more about this project and the great results of working together to end homelessness .


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